How to enable eDiscovery & In Place Hold in Office 365

I had done some research on how to enable the eDiscovery & In Place Hold with PowerShell

  1. In Plan Hold is only available in Office 365 E3 Plan or Exchange Online Plan 2
  2. Connecting to Office 365 via PowerShell
  3. To add yourself into “Discovery Management” Group and check what is the name of the default DiscoverySearchMailbox
  4. To place the user’s mailbox hold, and search / export all their Email content to Outlook PST
#Check the existing members in "Discovery Management" Group
Get-RoleGroupMember -Identity "Discovery Management"
#To add your account into the "Discovery Management" Group
Add-RoleGroupMember -Identity "Discovery Management" -Member tonyk

#To look for the Name of Discovery Mailbox
$DiscoveryMailbox=(Get-mailbox | ? name -like discovery*).name

#To hold all the items for user's mailbox
New-MailboxSearch -Name "" -SourceMailboxes DenisD -InPlaceHoldEnabled $true -TargetMailbox $DiscoveryMailbox

#To start the Mailbox Search
Start-MailboxSearch -Identity -Confirm

#Remove Mailbox Search - If you had accidently created for wrong user
Set-MailboxSearch -Identity "" -InPlaceHoldEnabled $false
Remove-MailboxSearch -Identity ""

Login to Office 365 Portal, and wait until your see the status is “Estimated Succeeded” and click on “Preview Search Results” to have a look on the items



You can also click on “Export to PST File” and open it in Microsoft Outlook