Installing PowerShell Server on Windows 2012 R2 Server Core

I would like to SSH into my Windows Server Core via SSH, like what I normally did for my Linux Server and I come across Free PowerShell Server which is limited to Maximum 1 session.

Copy the downloaded PowerShell Server installation file to C:\temp and enter “./setup.exe” to start the installation


Checked “Run as a Windows Services” , and noticed that the MAX connections : 1 (Free Version)


Enable “SCP & SFTP Support” and change the SSH Port to “222” – As the Port 22 in my firewall as reverse for SSH Access to my pfsense Firewall


Change the SFPT Root Directory to C:\SFTP


I can login to my Windows 2012 R2 Server Core using Bitvise SSH Client  via Port 222 (SSH) and transfer my local file to C:\SFTP in Server Core


I found that with it is more useful than the remote powershell as with PowerShell Server, I can login directly in my server and execute any commands that I want.

I’m exploring on how to enable the public key login for PowerShell Server and will post the finding soon.