Easy HTML Email Signature for Outlook 2016

I’m looking for a HTML Email Signature for my new company recently, and come across Blackpearl Email Signature, and it is quite impressive but it comes with additional costs.

I decided to do some research and try to make HTML Email Signature by myself and please refer to the following final output by using Microsoft Word Only


  1. Open Microsoft Word 2016 with a new blank document and save it as “test.htm”
  2. Upload you Pictures, Company Logo, and Logo for Twitter, Facebook and WordPress to One Drive
  3. Insert a 2 columns tables and click on “Online Picture” and select the picture according to insert it on the left column


  1. Remember to “No Bolder” to hide the Bolder for the table once you are satisfy with your design
  2. Copy the “test.htm” file to “C:\Users\kamwah.yong\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures” 
  3. You should be able to insert the “test.htm” as your signature now

I had modify the Signature several time to ensure that it display nicely in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook.com, Gmail and Mobile Phone.

Hope you will enjoy your newly created free HTML Signature.