Login script completed successful but failed to map network drive

We are facing the following issue in one of our client place recently, and their environment is

  1. The file server is not part of the AD Domain
  2. Windows 7 users can manually execute the login script and mapped to the file server
  3. Users are NOT part of the local administrator group
  4. Network Drive which connecting to File Server, which are part of AD Domain is working fine, but the file server, which is NOT part of the AD Domain will show Red Cross and Users will need to manually type in Username & Password to connect to the mapped drive 

The login script defined in GPO completed successfully, and users will only see a RED Cross on the mapped network drive as below 


We manage to get some idea from the following link, but we had verified that users are NOT part of the Admin Group 


We suspect that this might due to the GPO applied, and we had try to apply the GPO in our lab to simulate for this issue 


The root cause of this issue is due to “Act as part of the operating system” defined only for Domain\Users and Domain\Admin, and once we disabled this and run “gpupdate /force”, this issues had been resolved. 

** Users’ Workstation will need to be restarted to apply for the latest GPO for Computer configuration 

Please refer to the following link for more information