Writing WordPress Post using HTML Tag

By using the Visual Editor or even with TinyMCE Editor Plugin, some of the formatting of HTML tag are still mis-aligned when the post are published

My brother advised me to learn HTML5 + CSS, and write post by using Text Editor instead of Visual Editor as

  1. You get exactly the same format, like spacing that you want provided you had spend some time to pickup HTML + CSS Skill
  2. Clean Coding without any unused / extra HTML Tag

I would like to share with you most of the HTML Tags that I use to prepare post starting from now

  1. Enter your sentence in “Your Sentences here” and it will show up in your post nicely with alignment=justify
  2. Your Sentences here

  1. If you would like to have numbering, the use the following
    1. Line 1
    2. Line 2
    3. Line 3

  1. If you would like to have Sytax Highlighting for your programming codes, then you would need to install Crayon Sytax Highlighter plugin first and paste you code in “YOUR CODE HERE”
  2. Remember to change lang:ps,xhtml,python,sh

    ps=PowerSehll, xhtml=HTML, python=Python, sh=Shell Script


    Remember </pre> to close it

  1. if you would like to insert picture, use the following to display the image in full size
  2. HTML5-WP-01

    You need to check and found out what is the img class=" " used for full image in your installed theme

  1. You can open the Developer Console in Google Chrome to check what is the CSS applied if you are unhappy with some of the spacing
  2. HTML5-WP-01

    I had spend some time to pick up some CSS Skill to modify some of the CSS Code in "Custom CSS" in my MyThemeShop Schema Theme

This is my first post writing using HTML / Text Editor, and I'm very happy with the formatting comparing using Virtual Editor. I will continue to write using HTML Tag and will share my experience when i gain more knowledge in HTML and CSS