Installing Azure PowerShell 1.0 or Greater

Referring to How to install and configure Azure PowerShell from Microsoft, I had tried to install Azure PowerShell 1.0 in my Windows 2012 R2 Server successfully

There are two type of installation here

  1. Installing Azure PowerShell from WebPI – Easy way as it can be done in GUI
  2. Installing Azure PowerShell from Gallery – using PowerShell

My Steps to install Azure PowerShell 1.0 or greater in Windows 2012 R2

  1. Updating Windows Management Framework 5 – For PowerShell Module Discovery, Install and Inventory with PowerShellGet
  2. Install-PackageProvider – NuGet
  3. Set-PSRepository for PSGallery to Trusted 
  4. Install & Update AzureRM Module (31 Modules installed) in C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules

Please refer to the following detail PowerShell Coding for reference

Sharing of my experience for this lab

  1. Cannot automate the login-AzureRM as  Non-interactive login method only works with a work or school account. – I sign for 30 Days Trial Azure Cloud using account
  2. Install-PackageProvider will only be available after upgrading to WMF5

Additional Reading 

Register Chocolaty which is my favorite Package Source which offering alot of applications, like FireFox, GoogleChrome